Should I build a Timber or Steel framed house?

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Should I build a Timber or Steel framed house?

The Frame of a house is the backbone of the structure, this is where we will find the load bearing walls, its where the structural integrity of the house is centred around.  we at Dundee homes have experience in constructing both Timber and Steel Framed homes, we will share with you some valuable information to help you decide which you.

Steel frames

Steel frames will come out from a manufacture Pre made and and engineered, not all carpenters have the skills or the tools to erect a steel frame, we at Dundee homes have a great trade base with skilled steel frame carpenters, these carpenters quite like the steel frames as they are significantly lighter then timber and moving the frames around and into place on site is a breeze, the frames do not wrap or twit and are very strong. 

Timber frames

Timber frames are traditionally what a house frame is made from, carpenters love timber frames and they will stand for a life time, Dundee homes have all our frames termite protected and braced. if you think you are going to potentially change the design or renovate in the future, timber is the way to go. timber wont rust and has a great thermal insulation rating which will help with yout energy efficiency rating.  

which is best?

Every house is different and unique, some designs are better constructed with steel however for most cases its personal preference, the cost usually works out around the same and so dose the construction time, however in our experience if the steel frame manufacture delivers us a wall which has the wrong dimensions it takes longer for them to deliver a new wall where as with timber our carpenters will saw and hammer it into place in no time. Termites is a is advantage for steel, timber frames can steel be treated tho and this works very well the deter the termites.

if you are still wondering which is the best for your new building get in touch with us now and we will help you decide whats best for you.