Building sustainability is one of our pillars which we are very proud of, everything we can do to help the environment and the local community we are charging ahead with, our design philosophy incorporates as much green building as possible and we strive to reach a new level of environmentally sustainable houses and energy efficient housing. 

Passive Design

Designing your home to allow air flow, be orientated in the right direction, taking natural heating and cooling will all add to sustainable design

Green Materails

Selecting locally sourced and manufactured materials, and minimising waste during the building process. with reducing any environmental impact.


reducing your power consumption by choosing the best appliances and electrical fittings in your house will save you on your electrical bill, as us about some of the special features we offer.


Rainwater tanks and reticulated water, our Dams Hize and Wivenhoe need alot of energy and infrastructure to run, not to mention the droughts.
You can get off the grid with clean rainwater.


Ensuring that your house has been built to withstand the harsh Queensland environment and time ensuring it is built above standard and to provide for a safe sustainable home.


There are great options from the panels to the battery's, the government is also giving out rebates, its a great time to invest in your home and your home energy bill.