Custom Design + Custom Build

We specialise in Custom build and Custom Design, we are flexible and can work with your wants and need to create a space for you to live comfortably. we can build already designed houses as well as designing your dream for you.
Custom Design + Custom Build

Our design, construction experience and knowledge will deliver the best outcome for our clients, wherever their projects may be located.

With experience in local council requirements and professional industry practices, our consultants understand technical, business, regulatory and engineering matters, allowing them to identify key issues quickly and find the best solutions for our clients. Our clients hire us to ensure that every aspect of their project is properly governed, well-executed and fully supported from beginning to end.

building your custom project

Our professionals are industry leaders who understand technical construction and are seasoned in giving expert advice. They represent top talent across disciplines, including engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, planning, scheduling, costing and construction professionals.

Construction Advisory Defining the key construction issues
Cost Analytics Discussing preliminary estimate
Risk Management Eliminating possible risks
Planning & Scheduling Discussing future plan of work
Contract Reading the contract

Yes, you can make changes to your floor plan. We have always allowed our clients to customize our plans to meet their needs. However, all changes must be approved by us to ensure that they will meet site and structural requirements.

Of course, we would love to go from design though construction to handover with you, we know that building new is a very detailed process, with out experience and guidance we will be able to make the whole process relaxed and easy.

Great! there are a lot of fantastic architects and building designers around and we would absolutely love to be part of the project and build your home! get in touch with us now to discuss your existing plans

Yes, We will be able to give you a price aswell as construction advice.

The design, size, location and inclusions of your house will affect the time of construction. we are currently building between 12 and 18 weeks for construction.

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