Dundee Homes has always had in mind the respect of existing technology and security standards in the field of general constructions on the Gold coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW. The certificates that it has undertaken to get have a very important role for its organization and provide a further guarantee of efficiency for customers.

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We are here to create a perfect space for living and working. We work to deliver the best services and build durable constructions!

Dundee Homes — Director


Queensland licenced builder

We are a fully licenced and certified by Queensland building and construction commission.  


New south wales Licenced builder

Certification of any new construction is 


Master builder member

As a trusted member of the Master Builders, We have access to a wealth of information and are up to date with the latest construction process, and lead the way in government policies,  legislation and have the ability to save you time and money.


6 star energy efficiency rating

A 6-star house is not only more comfortable to live in, it provides you with ongoing savings on electricity bills because it uses less energy for artificial cooling and heating. this can also reduce the need for additional electricity infrastructure caused by peak demand by encouraging more energy efficient building design.


Form 15 & 16 CERTIFICATE

A QBSA licensee may give a certificate in the approved form that an aspect of self-assessable building work complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Queensland.


building code of australia

The Building Code of Australia (BCA), in the National Construction Code series, contains technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings.